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F R E Q U E N T L Y    A S K E D    Q U E S T I O N S 

Do I need a referral? No, you do not need a referral to make an appointment.

How much will treatment cost? Treatment costs vary depending on the nature and complexity of the service. We are happy to provide a treatment plan with a quote on the day of the appointment.

Can I use CDBS (Child Dental Benefits Schedule)? Yes, if you have received a letter from Medicate regarding $1000 funding for dental treatment (over a 2 year calendar period). Your visits will not bulk bill and out of pocket fees will apply based on complexity of treatment.

Can I use private health insurance to pay for treatment? Yes, please bring your private health insurance card to claim treatment on the day of the appointment. Depending on your level of cover, there may be an out of pocket expense.

Do you bulk bill? No, we do not bulk bill. Our staff will advise you of out of pocket fees

Do you offer payment plans? Yes, for complex treatment we offer payment plans. However, this depends on each case and should be discussed with the dentist.

Do you offer general anaesthetic (GA) treatment? Yes, we can provide treatment under general anaesthesia at the hospital. Treatment under GA is offered depending on the child's cooperation and the nature of treatment required.

Do you offer treatment under nitrous oxide sedation (happy gas)? Yes, we offer this form of dental treatment for anxious children at our clinic.

What age should I bring my child for their first check up? Our dentists are trained to examine babies right from newborns. Ideally, your child should have their first dental visit around age 1.

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